Menlo Atherton High School

The music was blasting and balloons were flying when parents from Menlo-Atherton High School arrived at the reimagined Drive-Thru Tamale Party supporting the M-A Foundation for the Future. When the originally scheduled tamale-making workshop and party could no longer be held in a private home, the host committee got creative and offered an alternative solution.

Earlier this month, 40 dozen tamales and all of the fixings were ready and waiting for party guests to pick up, take home, and enjoy as a tasty meal with their families.The tamales were made by Menlo-Atherton parent Eli Nuñez, and the salsa was homemade by M-A’s Parent Outreach Coordinator, Lilly Quinonez. Both received rave reviews!

“I just wanted to tell you what a bright light your tamale drive through was on such a dreary day,” said Stacy Goldman. “I just expected to drive up and grab some food. The decor was adorable and a total pick me up!”

Added Suzanne O’Brien, co-President of the Foundation: “The event was a great reminder that we can come together safely to support a wonderful cause like the M-A Foundation for the Future. “The generous support of donors such as this advances the Foundation’s goal of providing a better educational experience for every M–A student by funding smaller class sizes, an expanded course offering, professional development for our teachers, college and career prep, and essential programs and services.”

“It was so festive to pull up and hear the music, see the balloons, signs and tents, be handed a beautiful bag with free beer (!) and then go home to enjoy really delicious tamales,” said Cristy Barnes. “Thanks so much for your efforts to support the Foundation.”

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M-A principal Simone Rick-Kennel named 2020 Principal of the Year

Menlo-Atherton High School principal Simone Rick-Kennel, was recently named  the 2020 Principal of the Year by the Association of California School Administrators [ACSA] – Region 5. ACSA Region 5 is comprised of 25 school districts and considered one of the most competitive regions in California due to its highly ranked schools and distinguished leaders. Simone […]

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M-A student Audrey Ha is USAID Science Champion

We featured Audrey Ha during the last school year (2018-2019), when she conducted a behavioral science research project on fostering racial tolerance in U.S. high schools and won first place at the California Science and Engineering Fair. This school year (2019-2020) she conducted Phase 2, which was an international study examining how racial biases change […]

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M-A junior Ricky Martin renews commitment to homeless at Opportunity Services Center amidst coronavirus pandemic

For as long as he can remember, Menlo-Atherton high school junior Ricky Martin (far right in top photo,  pictured with brother Finn and housemate Charlie) has felt called to serve the Bay Area’s large homeless population. As a youngster, his family would travel to San Francisco Zen Center on Sunday mornings to assemble brown bag […]

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Schools will continue to be closed through May 1

Seven Bay Area county health officers, in collaboration with their six county superintendents of schools have made a unified, regional decision to extend school closures and student dismissals from regular school attendance through May 1, 2020 to slow the spread of COVID-19 to the maximum extent possible. The safety and wellness of students, school personnel, […]

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M-A students don costumes for Halloween

InMenlo contributing photographer Lena Kalotihos — an M-A senior — captured some of the fun costumes students wore yesterday on Halloween. Pictured top is Kate Dobson, Sam Radar, and Jenny Bridges (left to right, all juniors). The great looking witch (left) is Spanish teacher Nicole Barlow (known as Profesora Barlow) spanish teacher. Photos by Lena Kalotihos (c) […]

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Menlo School Water Polo does #ALSIceBucketChallenge in support of M-A parent

Emails Lesley Heller, wife of Kevin Heller, an M-A parent who was recently diagnosed with ALS: “The Menlo [School] boys water polo team did the ALS ice bucket challenge on Saturday morning. It was a terrific event. Jack Bowen, the Menlo head coach, is a class act! The M-A boys team came to support the […]

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Spotted: M-A students back on campus

Students were back on the Menlo Atherton High School campus yesterday for the start of the 2019-2020 school year. InMenlo contributing photographer – and M-A senior – Lena Kalotihos captured the enthusiasm of one identified goofy guy along with a quartet of gals: Kylie Wong left, Emily Zurcher on the bottom, Toni Shindler-Ruberg right, and Alise Johnson […]

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M-A student Audrey Ha wins first place in California Science and Engineering Fair

Menlo-Atherton High School student Audrey Ha capped off her Freshman year by taking first place in the California Science and Engineering Fair in the behavioral science category among a field of 800 middle and high school students. This followed wins at the county and regional level. Audrey’s topic was titled “Fostering Racial Tolerance in High […]

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M-A math teacher Gregg Whitnah keeps on running

What is a math teacher’s favorite number? For Gregg Whitnah, it very well may be 26.2, the number of miles in a marathon. Whitnah has been teaching math for 48 years, and has been a familiar face at Menlo-Atherton High School for 25. Outside of the classroom, Whitnah spends his time running countless marathons alongside […]

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M-A Drama presents comedy “The Man Who Came to Dinner” over the next two weekends

Presented by Menlo-Atherton High School Drama, the Broadway comedy, The Man Who Came to Dinner, will be performed on March 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, and 24 — 7:30 pm Fridays and Saturdays and 2:00 pm on Sundays — at the Menlo Atherton Performing Arts Center. Tickets are available in advance online and at the […]

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