Oasis Beer Garden

Rubble is what’s left of Beltramo’s, a much revered Menlo Park wine and liquor store, following the demolition of the landmark building. In 2016, the Beltramo family announced it was closing the store, which had been operated by the family since 1882, and selling the property. It most recently temporarily housed a store selling fitness equipment.

Meanwhile, a mile or so south, there’s news about a new use for the Oasis, which coincidentally was housed in a building once owned by the Beltramo family. In an article for the Daily Post, Emily Mibach reports that the building’s current owners, HuHan Three LLC, is renting the space once occupied by the Oasis and Menlo-Atherton Glass to a Palo Alto-based venture capitalist firm, Pear VC. According to the Post, the interior has been gutted.

“Fortunately, the large OASIS sign over the door was removed and given to us,” emails Jim Lewis of the Menlo Park Historical Association. “It was turned over to Ray Mueller, who in turn, stored it at the City’s Municipal Corporation (Public Works) yard, located on Burgess Drive.

“Due to the building’s historic roots, a change in occupancy from a restaurant to an office building (including M-A Glass, which generates sales tax dollars) will need to go through a full EIR report process, as I understand it.”

In the Post article, the attorney for the current owners, disputed this saying “there is no need for his clients to file for a use change permit.”

The building that housed the Oasis was one of several Camp Fremont YMCAs during the during World War. Unlike the building that houses another landmark beer garden, the Alpine Inn, which just re-opened, it is not on the list of California Historical Landmarks.

“The Oasis Building has a lot of deferred maintenance, so from that standpoint, the property may get a long overdue facelift, and remain around perhaps for another 100 years,” comments Jim.

And about the saved entrance sign, Mayor Ray Mueller emails: “The hope is that when the Snack Shack remodel project is approved for Burgess Park, the sign can be included in the rebuild.”

Top photo of demolished Beltramo’s by Linda Hubbard (c) 2019; photo of Oasis Beer Garden by Chris Gulker (c) 2010


The door slams shut one last time on the Oasis

The booths and tables at the Oasis Beer Garden in Menlo Park are as lonely the sole pint of beer pictured right, and unlikely to be filled again. We learned today that Dan Beltramo, the building’s property owner, does not intend to bring back the Oasis in the near future. Emails Menlo Park City Councilman […]

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Oasis may be saved yet – here’s the latest

Menlo Park City Council member Ray Mueller has been in conversation with both the Tougas family (operators of the Oasis) and the Beltramo family (owners of the building) and late this afternoon sent an email to City Manager Alex McIntyre and City Attorney Bill McClure saying that he is “cautiously optimistic the pieces are coming […]

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Beltramo family, property owners of the Oasis, seek new operators for the restaurant

We’ve been asked to spread the word about Dan and Margaret Beltramo’s interest in maintaining the site as a restaurant rather than redevelop the property. According to a city official who met with them, they are emotionally attached to the restaurant, recognize its importance to the community, and have expressed they sincerely wish it would […]

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More on The Oasis from author of the book on Camp Fremont

The building that houses The Oasis, which will close on March 7, has a history that predates its 60 years as a beer garden. Emails Barbara Wilcox, who wrote a book about Camp Fremont during World War I: “[The building] was one of several Camp Fremont YMCAs during the war. Every unit had its own YMCA. […]

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Menlo Park beer & burger institution, The Oasis, set to close March 7

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Burgers in Menlo Park: The Oasis

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One building – and a web of tunnels – is all that remains of Menlo’s military past, Camp Fremont

Only one building – which now houses the Oasis Beer Garden and Menlo Atherton Glass – remains from a brief two-year period in Menlo Park’s history that turned the town into a training ground for troops earmarked for the battlefields of World War I. Camp Fremont became home to over tens of thousands of troops, […]

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A long time Oasis on game day

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