A find at Feldman’s can be the perfect gift

by Chris Gulker on November 30, 2009

Located in one of Menlo’s oldest buidings (“the only bookstore with an avocado tree growing in the middle”), Feldman’s Books specializes in used, rare and out-of-print books. Feldman’s definitely wears the perfume of a used book store, where people are free to linger and browse.

Founded by owner Jack Feldman with help from brother Steve, the store is now in its 13th year. Jack reports that business is steady, and he’s adapted to selling books online via Amazon and Abe (a site that specializes in aggregating listings for used and rare books). Like many of its ilk, Feldman’s buys, as well as sells used books.

The store has some real treasures. The owner brought out a volume of Italian poetry printed circa 1540, barely a century after Gutenberg’s Bible. But Feldman’s has a wide range of topics and prices,  sorted by subject matter and genre in the store’s two large rooms.

For the holidays, Jack recommends first or rare edition for people who love books or who have special interests (indeed, InMenlo’s photographer spotted three volumes of Ansel Adams  photos, which went home for less than $50). Some of the store’s collections are cataloged at AbeBooks. And, of course, there’s always the tried and true gift certificate.

Photo by Chris Gulker (c) 2009

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