June 2012

Dozens of boys and girls jumped into the Upper Pool at Ladera Oaks Friday afternoon, swimming laps to raise money for My New Red Shoes. The kids secured pledges for each lap swum or by flat donations for participating in the event, according to MNRS philanthropic advisor Sue Sutherland. “The goal is for each child to raise at least $85 so that they can say they clothed a child for school,” she said.

My New Red Shoes fundraiser at Ladera OaksThe results will be announced in about two weeks, with recognition given to some of the stand out participants. Chaired this year by Meredith Walsey and Cara Magliaro, this is the second annual swim-a-thon at Ladera Oaks. “My New Red Shoes is thankful for their support,” said Sue, “especially that of head aquatic coach Andy Clifford.”

The mission of My New Red Shoes, founded by Menlo Park resident Heather Hopkins, is to help homeless and low-income children look and feel confident as they start the school year by providing them with new clothing and shoes.

Photos by Irene Searles

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Local dogs enjoy summer yogurt treat at Pet Place in downtown Menlo Park

If you were a local dog whose owners were staying home over the long holiday week and happened to be in downtown Menlo Park today, you were one lucky dog. Lynn Macy, owner of The Pet Place, was dispensing frozen yogurt, a perfect summer treat for hot dogs. The Australian Shepherd Winston slurpped his Yoghund […]

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2011-12 rain year ends with dryer than usual conditions in Menlo Park

During the 2011-12 rain year (July 1 to June 30), 11.95″ fell in my Menlo Park back yard. That compares to 7.09″ in San Jose and 13.33″ at SFO, according to published reports. (Menlo is usually between the two.) Looking backward, 20.08″ fell in 2011, 21.39″ in 2010 and 14.85″ in 2009. My records go […]

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Burgers in Menlo Park: The Dutch Goose

This is the beginning of an epic series — eating through the burgers of Menlo Park. We’re starting at The Dutch Goose, west Menlo Park’s famous beer and burger joint which opened in 1966. Just the Facts: The hamburger at Dutch Goose is a “1/4 lb. burger served on a fresh-baked sesame seed bun topped […]

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And the walls of Hillview School in Menlo Park came tumbling down

The demolition of Hillview Middle School, which was built in 1949 with additions to its core campus taking place throughout the 1950s, began in earnest this week. All will be replaced by new two-story buildings in an area that was once the school’s playing fields — with the exception of the 1999-built multi-purpose auditorium, which will […]

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Spotted: Paper chain Menlo Moms walking the Dish

This photo was taken by Menlo Park resident Sheri Baer around 6:30 pm one evening this week as we ran/walked the Dish. Spotting the shadows of ourselves, we loved our long legs and fabulous friendship.  Chris Hansen was the third friend. Photo by Sheri Baer

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Menlo Park artist Michael Killen’s painting displayed at Silicon Valley Energy Summit on June 29

Menlo Park-based artist Michael Killen‘s painting Sustainability (24 x 5 foot) will be on display during the 2012 Silicon Valley Energy Summit on June 29. Expalins James L. Sweeney, Director, Precourt Energy Efficiency Center at Stanford: “The event features VIPs from Governor Brown’s Office, the U.S. Navy, the Senate, the Executive Branch and industry. The Honorable William G. […]

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Menlo Park front yard is transformed from functional to peaceful (even on a busy corner)

Stroll the streets of Menlo Park and a Keith Willig designed front yard is likely to grab your attention. The landscape architect has been transforming local yards for about 20 years, often using what he describes as a “modern paint brush.” “We like to keep it simple and honest,” he says. “We tend not to […]

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X-ray vision exposes aerosol structures in ground-breaking research at SLAC in Menlo Park

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park have captured the most detailed images to date of airborne soot particles, a key contributor to global warming and a health hazard. The discovery reveals the particles’ surprisingly complex nanostructures and could ultimately aid the understanding of atmospheric processes important […]

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Guinness the Wheaten Terrier rescued from Atherton oak tree by Menlo Park firefighters

Menlo Park Fire Protection District Firefighters recently responded to a report of a dog in a tree in Atherton. Most people who heard the radio-dispatched call believed  that the reporting party must have been mistaken since everyone knows that dogs can’t climb trees right – wrong. A 40-pound, 8-year -old Wheaten Terrier named Guinness climbed a large […]

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Lola, Siri’s little sister, is training for a bank job at Menlo Park’s SRI Inter…

Lola, Siri’s little sister, is training for a bank job at Menlo Park’s SRI International: http://t.co/irkT0z9r

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