Menlo Park “kids” grow up to launch business maintaining scooters

by Linda Hubbard on March 27, 2019

Two guys with Menlo Park roots — Rich Branning and Nate Thomas — have banded together in Southern California to launch a new business that is quickly spreading nationwide

“The focus is the Last Mile Space,” said Rich. “Scooters are more prevalent here than in the Bay Area. The novelty is to ride the scooter somewhere and drop it off. But who maintains, charges and cleans them?”

The answer: Sweep, Inc. Launched in early 2018 by a team of seven, Sweep has rapidly grown to be America’s largest logistics provider for this space.

“Serving communities all across the nation, we focus on the people so that our vendors can focus on the product,” said Nate.

While many of the electric scooter vendors utilize “gig economy” workers to care for, charge, and maintain their scooter fleets, Sweep hires and trains specialized mechanics in order to ensure proper maintenance and rider safety. Nightly fleet collections and inventory checks are conducted by mechanics who have the time and experience to properly ensure that each scooter is running as designed.

Next steps including exploring partnerships with additional scooter companies, as well as looking at delivery systems for scooters. “People message Sweep and we’d drop off a scooter for you,” said Rich.  “It’s cheaper than a rental car, and there’s no wait. Plus people feel it’s more fun!”

Photos courtesy of Sweep

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