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Irene Searles is an East Coast transplant who first landed in San Francisco to work for Citigroup Private Bank. She took a break from financial services to attend the California Culinary Academy and spent a short time as the Pastry Chef at Ristorante Vivande in Pacific Heights. She returned to Citigroup to open the bank’s Silicon Valley office, moving to Menlo Park 15 years ago. Now a stay-at-home mother of two children, who attend Hillview and M-A, she is exploring a renewed interest in photography. Observes Irene: “Contributing to InMenlo is an amazing way to see and share all of the interesting people, activities and events around town.”

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Wondering how the grassed block of space in downtown Menlo Park on Chestnut Street is being enjoyed? Well, we spotted a Fleet Feet half-marathon training group doing yoga after a five- mile run on Tuesday night. The Yoga instruction was led by FORTHFIT, a new kind of personal fitness experience company. It was wonderful to have the camaraderie of the Fleet Feet group, the outdoor space in Menlo Park, and the restorative yoga by Forthfit. A great sense of community all in all!

Photo by Irene Searles (c)2015

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Labor Day apple sale in west Menlo Park

Paloma, Ellie and Xavier are selling wonderful apples, just picked from Ellie and Xavier’s tree on Oakdell Drive in Menlo Park. We are told that some are sweeter than others, but ALL are great for baking. They do not have an official organic designation, but the apples are spray free — and the sellers are hard […]

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Exhibit of photographer Neal Menschel’s work is on display at Freewheel Brewing Company

For as long as he can remember, photographer Neal Menschel has had an enduring and keen interest in telling the stories of others and giving a voice to those in the world who have no way of being heard. His exhibit at the Freewheel Brewing Company is an example of that philosophy. The Chords of Labor project began […]

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Spotted: Serious strength training in west Menlo Park

I was editing photos in my front room office and heard a strange noise outside that sounded like someone (or something) loudly shuffling. I went out to find one of our neighbors, Ceasar, doing some serious strength conditioning. Now that’s a workout! Photos by Irene Searles

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Spotted: Beeline Bikes doing repairs in west Menlo Park

We arranged for locally-owned Beeline Bikes to do a neighborhood on-site bike repair. They arrived with a truck, two mechanics, and the two founders, and spent the day servicing a dozen bikes for our neighbors. As an added treat, they provided coffee and pasties! Beeline took maximum number of appointments, with the last minute additions […]

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Caroline Mustard’s newly-minted iPad artists show off their work after six-week Menlo Park Rec Dept class

To four kids ages 10 to 15, crayons and paints are, if not a thing of the past, at least “old” media. They spent four weeks the past Fall in Caroline Mustard’s iPad class, offered through the Menlo Park Recreation Department. Their creations range from artistic renderings of animals to people — things of personal interest […]

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Paying oranges forward to benefit M-A’s New Voices for Youth – with Thanksgiving in mind

We’d stopped at “the best gas station in the world”, on our way to Lake Tahoe.  “It has the nicest staff, the cleanest restrooms, and it is just the best, period” — at least according to Grace Tully, one of the Mid-Peninsula National Charity League (NCL) girls from the class of 2017. The group of six […]

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Spotted: Menlo Park kids selling lemonade for Philippine typhoon aid

Jonathan, seated, is a 4th grader at Oak Knoll in Ms. Austin’s class where students were encouraged to do something meaningful to help people devastated by the typhoon in the Philippines. He is joined by his brother William and sister Grace selling lemonade for typhoon aid.  Mother, Sarah, noted that they “are Irish and he […]

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More on Caroline Mustard’s iPad Painting – for Adults!

After meeting Caroline Mustard for an InMenlo interview about her iPad Painting classes for teens, I became intrigued with what she was doing through digital art. This led to a brain storming meeting about how to continue to spread the word about her classes. The two of us decided to organize a Coffee and Art […]

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Spotted: Artist at work at Cafe Zoe in Menlo Park

Sitting at a sunny window table at Cafe Zoe, Diane Flick used a bright palette of color as she worked on illustrations for a book. Hired by a dad who has written a children’s book about his kids, who are heros in the story, she adds lively drawings. She is also a painter. Her other […]

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Mule train is new mode of transportation in Menlo Park

We couldn’t quite believe our eyes when we spotted a man walking through Menlo Park with his three mules, ages 24, 33 and 18. The packs contain his belonging, including a sleeping bag. He’s been walking with mules for over 25 years and year round for the past 10 years. When we asked his name, […]

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