Valérie Orsoni stays fit in Menlo Park

by Linda Hubbard on January 16, 2010

When Valérie Orsoni has only 30 minutes to exercise, she doesn’t waste time driving to the gym. She just steps out her front door and walks around her Menlo Park neighborhood. When she has more time, she cycles to Burgess Pool and does laps. “The pool’s domed during the winter and there’s a fitness trail [along Alma Street] nearby, ” said the internationally-known healthy living and weight loss expert who regularly takes advantage of Menlo’s recreational areas such as Bayfront Park. “It’s where I can exercise with my dog!”

Orsoni’s successful battles against a brain tumor and cancer led her to found MyPrivateCoach™, a coaching service that uses an array of tools and methods including behavioral science, management trends, work space ergonomics, Feng Shui, spirituality, philosophy, finance and business to help individuals unlock their potential. She followed that effort up with LeBootCamp®, an online service focused solely on weight loss coaching that currently has 700,000 community members in Europe and North America.

We asked Orsini why new year’s resolutions to get fit and lose weight so often fail. “Not being held accountable,” she says. “Success rates really increase when you involve a friend or spouse. The biggest obstacle to success is not having a support system in place.”

Not surprisingly given her worldwide businesses, Orsini is on the road at lot, but she feels at home in Menlo Park. “I love my house and know my neighbors – and I’m excited about my son starting M-A next year.”

Photo by Chris Gulker


Isabella January 16, 2010 at 3:40 pm

Hello and thank you for this cool post on one of the best coach I have had the privilege to meet!

Sara January 17, 2010 at 9:51 am

Wow — I am definitely going to check this out. Looks like a great program and a great person. Perfect timing of course with the new year’s resolutions to eat more moderately and exercise more. I’m hoping a little accountability and hand holding will help! Thanks for the heads up.

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