February 2010

After a couple of rainy weekends,  vendors and shoppers returned in greater number to today’s weekly farmer’s market, buoyed undoubtedly by the sparkling sunshine overhead. What is it about the sun that makes the vegetables look tastier and the flowers smell better?

Photo by Chris Gulker

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Arista: Menlo startup with head (solidly) in the cloud

Arista Networks is a Menlo Park-based startup that aims to make the “cloud” a much friendlier place for impatient internet users tired of choppy, halting YouTube video and slow-loading web pages. An interview with Arista VP and co-founder Ken Duda recently brought great clarity on this issue to interested observers here at InMenlo. The internet […]

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Menlo’s rainfall heading toward normal

Our resident meteorologist Bill Russ has reported the latest rainfall totals from the most recent series of storms: “Last Tuesday’s drop was 1″. Friday afternoon’s was .55″ and then another .1′ during the night. This brings my total to 15.95″ season to date. That compares to 12.05″ same point last year. We look good for […]

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Pets of Menlo: Rockie tells his story

Editor’s note: Does your Menlo Park pet have a story – or do you have a story to tell about your pet? Send it along to tips[at]inmenlo.com. Our first in this series was submitted by Ingrid Steinbergs who gives her cat Rockie his voice. “My name is Rockie, and I am a 10-year-old flame point […]

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Louis Arenas, the man with the Golden Shears

After completing barber school in 1957 and working for several years in the San Jose area, Louis Arenas began looking around the Mid-Peninsula for a place where he could introduce a full-service barber styling shop. In 1963 he discovered an available space right in the middle of Menlo Park’s downtown on Santa Cruz Avenue. He […]

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Checking in with Commander Lacey Burt, MPPD

Ask Menlo Park Police Department Commander Lacey Burt what makes a successful law enforcement officer today, and you might be surprised at the answer. “Problem solving,” she says. “The role of the police is changing. We’re not just focused on crime and law enforcement. We need people who are more thoughtful and oriented toward problem […]

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StoryJumper: Making writing children’s books fun and easy

If Peter Weck and Blake Williams take on a child-like glow and cartoon-like whimsy in the accompanying photograph, it’s completely in character. They’re having a ton of fun at StoryJumper, a new downtown Menlo Park-based startup that wants to turn the country into children’s book writers – starting with kids themselves. The StoryJumper website features […]

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Spotted: Just your regular Menlo putt-putt

Having spotted this streamlined roadster at the back door of the Golden Shears, we wondered, given the shiny golden color,  if it might be the new company car for that long-time Menlo Mainstay. But, no, the owner of this $200,000 Lamborghini Gallardo was seen exiting Golden Shears with a fresh chop before stopping to get […]

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Sarah Granger – Skater, writer, speaker, entreprenuer, mom

If you’re feeling blurry-eyed from staying up to watch the Olympic figure skating events, you’re not alone. Former competitive figure skater Sarah Granger, who’s covering the competition for BlogHer, is in the same boat. “It’s so frustrating,” she says. “especially because I’m on the West Coast. ” The time Granger spends on the ice today […]

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Vitamin D for excellent (computer) vision

Celeste Baranski, CEO of startup Vitamin D, has an impressive Silicon Valley resumé. The Stanford EE grad has previously headed engineering at Palm and Handspring  as well as some very interesting startups, including GO and Grid Systems.  Baranski’s latest project, Vitamin D, is aimed at bringing the benefits of machine vision to the home and […]

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Girls Lead Now empowers teen girls to rock their world

Mid-Peninsula High School in Menlo Park was rocking with teen girls today, participants in the day long “Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken!”  conference sponsored by Girls Lead Now, a Bay Area organization created to inspire independence, confidence, and responsibility in teen girls through education in life skills and leadership opportunities.  Planned and executed […]

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