Donne Davis: Forming a network of gaga grandmothers

by Linda Hubbard on September 11, 2010

Grandmothers are different today, believes Donne Davis, but they share one thing in common with past generations. They’re ga-ga about their grandchildren. Why not, thought Donne, bring local grandmas together to talk about the joys and challenges of grand-parenting today – and make time for a little bragging and cooing along the way.

That’s the concept of GaGa Sisterhood, a virtual and real social network for woman who’ve become grandmothers. Those who live around the Peninsula meet monthly at someone’s home. For those more distant, the website and a newsletter serve as a source of ideas and inspiration.

“I look back at my two grandmas and realize how much simpler the role was for them,” says Donne, a fourth generation San Franciscan who moved to Menlo Park in 1988 after 18 years in Southern California.

Of her current hometown, she says: “I can’t think of any other place I’d rather live.”

Donne hopes that additional chapters of the Gaga Sisterhood will spring up in other communities across the country. “I love meeting other grandmas – that’s the thing that nurtures my soul and makes me passionate about the GaGa Sisterhood.”

Grandmothers anywhere can join the sisterhood.  The local chapter will meet on September 19 and talk about the delicate balance of disciplining your grandchildren. New members are welcome.

Interested in involving grandfathers?  Donne reminds us that tomorrow, Sept. 12, is National Grandparents Day, which comes with tons of suggested activities if not national recognition.

Photo by Chris Gulker

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Vivian Johnson January 8, 2020 at 11:06 am

Interested in joining the organization.


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