InMenlo’s most read 2010 posts: #1-10

by Linda Hubbard on January 1, 2011

Happy new year to all!

We continue our review of the posts that caught the most reader attention in 2010, looking at ten through one, which was the about the refurbishment of the Folger Stable (pictured.)

10. Checking in with Commander Lacey Burt, MPPD
When we talked to Commander Burt last February, we didn’t know that Menlo Park would be selecting a new police chief. That may have spurred interest in our profile of Burt, who remains commander of the Special Operations Division.

9. Foster brothers are Menlo Park’s new ice cream men
Two Atherton lads, Joe and Pete Foster, refurbished an old ice cream truck and spent the summer making the rounds of special events.

8. Jesse Cool – Menlo Park’s food matriarch
Chef and restaurant owner Jesse Cool’s Flea Street Cafe will celebrate 30 years in 2011 –  a veritable Methuselah in terms of dining establishments.

7. 60 years of Tally Ho, benefiting the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford
The Allied Arts Auxiliary Guild called it a Hoedown in 2010, but this annual event clearly is one of the Peninsula’s oldest, ongoing fundraisers.

6. Vitamin D for excellent (computer) vision
We’ve heard that the software startup that offered professional-grade video monitoring to anyone with a webcam or network camera closed its doors last summer; a notice on its website says that it’s still supporting customers.

5. Menlo Park’s Arrillaga Gym open for inspection – and celebration
The City has real estate developer John Arrillaga to thank for its new state of the art facility that replaces the old Burgess Gym.

4. Paul Di Carli: Hanging out with Ken Kesey on Perry Lane
Long time Menlo Park resident Paul Di Carli recalls what it was like to be the neighbor of author Ken Kesey during the period he wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

3. Car crashes through Avanti Pizza window
This November 1 accident jarred the nerves of adjoining businesses and attracted a crowd as paramedics rescued the employee trapped in the debris.

2. Waffle innovation trumps pizza startup model?
Waffles were the lure at this Startup Digest event which produced a tongue-in-check post about startup culture.

1. Folger Stable shines like new – and you’re invited to visit
This historic structure was saved thanks to the fundraising efforts of local residents and now can easily claim to be one of most majestic places a horse can live.

Photo by Chris Gulker


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