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Chris Gulker was a founder of InMenlo. He passed away on October 27, 2010. During his life, Chris was both high tech geek and artist. The tributes to him on his personal website demonstrate the breadth of his pursuits – photographer, writer, pioneer in electronic publishing, product evangelist – and how many people he touched, many of whom he only knew via the blogosphere.

Chris has written 163 article(s) for InMenlo.

Passers-by may well have seen the sleek, gray and very modern Tesla dealership at 300 El Camino in Menlo Park, just opposite the intersection with Partridge Avenue, on a lot that once was home to Anderson Chevrolet. One of the first two U.S. showrooms (the other is in Santa Monica), this dealership has the distinction of also being the facility where Tesla assembles its $109,000 Roadster model. Four garage bays behind the showroom are home to the final assembly of the car’s major components

A truly global product, Tesla’s carbon fiber body panels are made in France by Sotira, then assembled into a unique chassis in Hethel, U.K., by contractor Lotus. The cars are then sent to Menlo Park, where workers install the U.S.-built Tesla AC induction motor. The 1000-pound battery pack is assembled at Tesla’s  Palo Alto headquarters using cells from Japan’s Panasonic. The single-speed gearbox is built by Michigan-based supplier Borg Warner Inc.

The Tesla’s 245-horsepower electric motor has only one moving part and weighs less than 80 pounds: the design is a direct descendant of the AC induction motor that Nikolai Tesla patented in 1888 (pictured). The lightweight motor and Tesla’s custom controller electronics are also installed in Menlo Park, where many of the 1,300 Teslas now on the road have been produced.

Tesla founder Elon Musk has plans to begin producing a new car, the Model S, in the near future. The $50,000, seven-passenger sedan is meant to compete with Lexus and other luxury brands, and Musk hopes to produce about 20,000 cars per year initially. Tesla’s Menlo neighbors need not be concerned about a surge in workers or parts deliveries,  however. Tesla recently made a good deal for space in the now-dormant NUMMI plant in Fremont.


Spotted: Thanks Yahoo!

We found ourselves being a little curious about this $100,000 Mercedes SL500 convertible spotted recently, parked in a stock brokerage’s slot at Menlo Center. A little research may have provided a clue: In 1996, Yahoo stock was trading under a dollar; in 2000 (the model year of this SL 500, we think) the stock topped […]

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Nolan Lee: Artist with a penchant for justice

Atherton’s Nolan Lee is an artist with no formal training.  “I had a hard time with rules,” says the former University of Hawaii football player. “I work best by making mistakes and learning from them.” The son of an architect, Nolan lives with wife Brooke in an airy, light-filled studio loft situated in an Atherton […]

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Waffle innovation trumps pizza startup model?

Do startups need waffles? Judging by the large turnout at Startup Digest‘s Startup Waffles event in the courtyard at Lightspeed Ventures this morning, the answer is a definite affirmative. We all know about the startup-pizza link: the whole point of the first round of financing is to defray the Round Table or Amici’s bill. If […]

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That’s “green,” not “cheap,” says Menlo’s Jim Greer

Jim Greer cites a parsimonious nature for his interest in a green lifestyle. “I hate to pay for things when I don’t have to.” Jim confides. His home’s distinctive steel roof (a local landmark until his neighbor got one, too) reflects heat, will last “forever,” recycles easily and supports a pod of solar cells that […]

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Goose unhappy as Dutch lose World Cup Final?

Your InMenlo correspondents swarmed the Dutch Goose this morning, attempting to interview the eponymous fowl, but she was nowhere to be found as her team lost the World Cup Final to Spain by a heartbreaking 1-0. Spain’s goal came late in overtime, indeed the latest a goal has been scored in Cup history. Goose regulars […]

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Spotted: Menlo money tree

And, no, it’s not Google (which was founded in Menlo Park) but rather a small, organic creature featuring a multi-branched trunk supporting the ‘green.’ On sale for $8.99 at Trader Joe’s, this would seem to be quite a value proposition for someone. We just have to wonder for whom would that be? Us customers or […]

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Menlo shows its colors on the Fourth

Two young Menloites await the start of this year’s 4th of July parade.

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Happy Birthday (new) Peet’s!

Hard to believe our new Peet’s – the one in the shopping center at Middle and El Camino – has been open for a year, but their signs says it’so, and they should know. Many of us applauded Peet’s decision to open a new shop at the height of the recession – a practice that […]

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Menlo exclusive: Pet realtors?

We understand why local cafés have water bowls for dogs on the sidewalk, but we were a bit perplexed to see a bowl outside a local realtor on Santa Cruz Ave. On the one hand, the colorful paw motif suggests the bowl came from Pet Place, just up the block, so kudos for shopping locally. […]

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Spotted: End of a banner era?

A little over a year ago, InMenlo was founded, by a crew who weren’t exactly sure what the site should be. At first, we frequently just snapped pictures of things that caught our fancy (hence our Drive-by Photography category). We were often amused by the colorful flags that hung outside a home on Olive Street […]

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