Menlo Park resident Julia Appleby emailed this photo of Notre Dame from her “personal archive” with a note that said…”You may not be covering the story as it is not local enough but if you do feel like this photo would make a relevant tribute to the French community in our neighborhood, I would be very happy for you to use on InMenlo…”

We’re using it not only for the French who live here but for everyone who has been touched by the majesty of this Cathedral, so central to any visit to Paris. Wherever we went yesterday afternoon, the first thing people we encountered talked about was how horrific this tragedy being played out on TV screens was and how much sorrow they felt.

Wrote Jon Allsop in a post for CJR Editors: “Did we see a metaphor — in our troubled times — for lost permanence, lost steadfastness, lost beauty? What, exactly, did it stir in us? Admittedly, it’s easier to pose questions than answers.”

The news, as you may have heard, is better this morning. The main structure was saved, and firefighters were able to rescue some of the art and relics. And already two prominent French families have a reported $677 million to help rebuild.

Conde Nast Traveler posted a list of where U.S.-based donors could contribute:

Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris  branches in the U.S. and Paris, but donations through the U.S. branch are tax-deductible as the organization is a 501c3 public charity.

Washington, D.C.’s Basilica of the National Shrine has set up its own fundraising campaign for both the general public and parishioners interested in donating.

French Heritage Society has set up a donation page, through which 100 percent of funds will go directly to the cathedral. Photo (c) Jules Appleby @ Studio1816


Hidden delights of Vallombrosa Center in Menlo Park

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Ana Williamson is the go-to architect for Menlo Park home building projects

Menlo Park-based architect Ana Williamson uses a number of descriptions about herself, among them rebel, agnostic, editor, that seemingly have nothing to do with her profession. Context gives the words meaning. She grew up in Colombia, the only girl amidst four brothers. Her uncle was a well-known architect there, and early on she hung out […]

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The Bigelow home is a light-filled architectural gem – and you can see it on a AIA tour

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Playhouses on display at Stanford Shopping Center make “dreams happen” for local non-profit Rebuilding Together Peninsula

The fabulously-designed and built playhouses that currently dot the Stanford Shopping Center have been a fixture  since 1993 when the shopping center first began hosting the biennial event benefiting Rebuilding Together Peninsula. This year’s auction, Dreams Happen, will take place on June 3. If past winning bids are a guide, the playhouses will fetch anywhere from $13,000 to over $100,000. Thanks […]

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A visit with new Filoli Executive Director Kara Newport

We are always interested in how and why people stumble (jump?) into their professions. So that was the first questions we asked Kara Newport, who was recently named Executive Director of Filoli. “I was raised on a sheep farm in Ohio and attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio for college, thinking I’d  be a liberal arts […]

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Getting a tour of the new Science and User Support building at SLAC

We’ve been watching the new building at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory go up over the past year, and now that it’s complete, find it quite eye-catching, particularly as viewed going west on Sand Hill Road. Accompanied by InMenlo contributing photographer Irene Searles, we were given a tour of the first floor and second floor by […]

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Modern home in Atherton’s Maple Manor gets spruced up, not scraped

Gordy Gourdin lived in Atherton long enough to know what happens to homes like the ranch house his grandfather built in the town’s Maple Manor area in the early 50s. When sold, they get scraped to make way for a mini-mansion of one kind or another. This happens irrespective of fond memories. “I recall the construction […]

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After years of “cottage living” Denise Amantea builds her dream house in Menlo Park

For 25 years, Denise Amantea lived in a small 900-foot cottage in west Menlo Park. Her career as a securities attorney meant she traveled a lot, and she just made do. On a milestone birthday, a light bulb when off. “I knew I always wanted to build my dream house,” she said, “and I realized […]

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The Jewel of Santa Cruz Avenue grows up — beautifully

In the 1930s, the brothers Bert and John Bartolome, while engaged in construction work at Stanford University, began building what turned out to be a rather whimsical house — completed in the early 1940s — on Santa Cruz Avenue in Menlo Park. The Jewel of Santa Cruz Avenue was first described in a March 4, […]

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Architects Kelly Johnson and Karen Zak work with Peninsula residents to create “just the right” space

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